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Together with their friends at the Eden Project, Heaven Scent have created a Natural Candle Range.

The range is beautifully designed and filled with fragrances that represent the varied plants that are grown in the Biomes at the Eden Project in Cornwall. The range includes a Natural Reed Diffuser, Home Fragrance Spray and a Candle. With over 12 different scents to choose from, each fragrance has its own design on the glass and box.
Plants were carefully chosen and fragrances created for the range like the lovely spring flower Narcissus and in complete contrast a mixture of the heady scents of Tropical Flowers found in their Rain Forest Biome. The Eden Project’s Mediterranean Biome is represented by Bamboo and Olive, Tomato and Blackcurrant and the fresh citrus smell of Limeleaf. The plants grown outside the Biome are represented by our native Bluebell and Wild Flowers.
The range is now available for wholesale from Heaven Scent Incense Ltd to contact them email or call on 01225 868788 or check out their website

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