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GA members' views heard at House of Lords

Sarah Ward, the CEO of the Giftware Association, took the results of an industry survey to the Genesis Initiative meeting last week

The Genesis Initiative was formed to improve the quality of the debate on SMEs and create economic reform, driven by SMEs and supported by Parliamentarians. Meeting at least three times during each Parliamentary session, the role of Genesis is to act as an umbrella organisation, working on your behalf to optimise potential growth in the SME sector by fostering a 'can do' culture.

The GA gathered the industry's views through a survey sent out to the wider home and gift industry about its experiences in getting access to finance either through bursaries and grants or normal lending from their business banks.

Survey results highlighted a need for further education around the process of accessing finance and where to look for it. Many respondents reported they were aware of some - but not all - finance options, and the survey highlighted an overarching theme of lack of trust in the UK’s economy and banks.

Sarah Ward said: 'It is massively important that The Giftware Association has been invited to this event, as we are the voice of the industry we serve. I would like to thank all those who completed the survey for their thoughts and views.'

Sarah's next visit to the House of Lords is on 18 April when she will attend the Fringe Summit covering SME finance, funding, trends and emerging opportunities. This is part of the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting.

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