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GA's Sarah Ward heads to Parliament

The Giftware Association has once again been invited to Parliament by The Genesis Initiative. Sarah Ward will attend the meeting, on 13 March at the House of Lords

Sarah Ward will attend alongside Genesis parliamentarians and academic commentators to discuss and update on where the UK currently stands, with a focus on legislation in areas such as agriculture, the food sector, trade and customs and other areas particularly affecting SMEs and the home and giftware industry.

With, potentially, just two weeks to go until the proposed Brexit leave date, there are still a lot of questions to be asked by business in the home and giftware sector which Sarah Ward will be representing. Discussion of the day are below, but not limited to:
  • Brexit state of play discussion and messages to government
  • Brexit regulatory update including agriculture and transport legislation 
  • Relations with visiting trade missions and embassy high commissions
  • Developing an access to finance breakage services to improve deal flow
  • Possible US trade visit to Washington
  • Apprenticeships and workplace skills project

The GA CEO says: 'It is great for us to be at these events and to pass on the information to our members. I’m sure the mood will be very interesting around parliament, with two weeks to go before Brexit day, but will hopefully come away with some positive and encouraging news and information.'

If you are a member of The Giftware Association and would like to know more about Brexit or how you will be affected by Brexit, we would love to hear from you.

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