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'Gender Reveal’ parties on trend

Move over baby showers - the new trend of ‘gender reveal’ parties has sky-rocketed in the last year, according to market-leading balloon brand Qualatex

Gender reveal parties are viewed by many soon-to-be-parents as a great way to celebrate revealing the gender of a new baby to friends and family – and sometimes (with the help of a friendly radiographer and an envelope!) even to the couple themselves! Typically, family and friends gather round to see a cake being cut, revealing blue or pink sponge, or, more frequently now, a large balloon being popped to reveal pink or blue balloons or confetti inside.

Stuart Davies, owner of Beyond Balloons store in Tonyrefail, Porth in Wales, has been blown away by the recent demand for creative gender reveal party solutions. 'Gender Reveal, it’s literally come from nowhere in the last two years. Being honest I cannot recollect much interest in Gender Reveal at all two years ago, maybe once or twice a year if that. Now we are undertaking three to four Gender Reveals per week! Most go with the Qualatex giant 36” question mark popping balloon, although we have a range of options available.'

Julie Dommett, Head of Marketing for Pioneer Europe, distributors of Qualatex balloons in Europe adds: 'The gender reveal trend has grown exponentially in the last two years, driven by amazing images on social media sites like Pinterest and Instagram as well as celebrity gender reveal videos on YouTube. We’ve been thrilled to see Qualatex balloons play such a major part in the theatre of gender reveal celebrations across the globe. The Qualatex design team are continually developing new balloons in line with the latest trends, and it is amazing to see some of the fantastic creations our balloon professionals make – adding impact and theatre to small family gatherings and larger events alike.'

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