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Get ready for the Christmas season with a free festive retail guide

Retailers can download a free guide to Christmas retailing from leading cloud-based retail system provider Cybertill.

For retailers, Christmas generates a huge amount of revenue and preparing for it can seem daunting, especially if you’re an independent retailer stretched for time or feel you don’t have the expertise needed to create a detailed plan for a successful Christmas season.

Preparing for Christmas is a year-long process so it’s important to take a step back and plan for the year ahead. Cybertill’s free guide offers retailers a structure to work from to plan their sales and marketing strategy, from setting goals month by month and executing your strategy to reporting on sales in January. For multi-channel retailers with a store and ecommerce website, it’s vital to ensure your strategy integrates the two.

What’s more, for those who often plan around yearly events , the guide can easily be applied to other holidays such as Easter, Halloween and Mother’s Day.

Cybertill currently provides its cloud-based retail system, which comprises EPoS, ecommerce, mail order and back office software, to over 650 retailers and is used across 4,500 locations in the UK.

Retailers can download Cybertill’s free guide to Christmas retailing at

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