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Get Together with Portmeirion

Research from the leading tableware manufacturer has revealed that just 39 per cent of British families always eat together, even though three quarters know it's important for building good family relationships

The research conducted by YouGov, which has been commissioned as part of a campaign by Portmeirion to bring people together, further revealed that despite not eating together, over three-quarters of families said they know it’s important, with 74 per cent saying they believe it encourages good family relationships.

Helping families keep up to date on what’s happening in family lives (50 per cent), increased happiness (43 per cent) and because it’s the only time of day to socialise as a family (38 per cent) were amongst the other most popular reasons British families gave for why eating together as a family is important to them.

Of those families surveyed who said eating together was important, half have children within their household and over 90 per cent of those have children aged four years and under.

And it seems finding time is the main factor preventing British families getting together as often as they’d like. Over half of families surveyed who said they didn’t eat together said they don’t see their family very often. Of these families, more than one in ten live with children aged five to 11 years old and one in four live with children aged 12 to 16.

In addition, two out of three households with children miss out on important family time by eating at different times of the day.

Commenting on the Get Together campaign, Portmeirion Group Sales and Marketing Director Phil Atherton said: 'We know just how important finding the time to come together with your family is and that with our increasingly busier lives, families and their children are missing out on quality time together. Our campaign is all about encouraging people to come together more often. We know from our research that families place huge importance on eating together and do want to see their families more often, so we’re helping them accomplish this.

'And it’s not just families, our campaign is all about getting together over good food, so whether that’s with friends, family, or your next-door neighbour, we want to help everyone create more enjoyable moments together.'

The campaign is also being taken international with key markets on board to spread Portmeirion’s message. Sara Dickenson, Portmeirion Group’s Marketing Communication Manager says: 'Portmeirion has been part of those special moments around the table for nearly 60 years so it makes sense for us to embark on this campaign. It’s designed to be all-encompassing and play out at all customer touchpoints; in the press, with influencers, on a variety of social media channels, online, and in store. We have some striking POS material that retailers can use to inspire their customers to get together and, of course, make a purchasing decision'. Sara adds, 'Our mission is simple; to get people together more often.'


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