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Global Style from PoM

Company takes inspiration from across the world

From India to West Africa, their 2017 collection will take you on a journey that will delight all your senses.

Cleverly combining sterling silver, silver plate, gold and rose gold with exquisite charms and beads, gorgeous fabrics and embroidery, they create inspiring jewellery, scarves and bags that are always on trend. With distinctive and evocative themes such as, eastern, botanical, celestial and contemporary, this grown up collection is unique and beautifully thought-out.

This year they have expanded their accessories to include clutch bags and purses. Superb quality leather and suede and embroidered velvets and cottons, all with that all-important PoM eye for detail. They make a perfect accompaniment to their scarf and poncho collection, which continues to wow retailers with its diverse styles and eclectic mixes of colour and pattern.


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