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Green Board games supports autism charity

The company has once again exhibited at the AKO Autism Awareness Expo, at Brunel University in support of the Anna Kennedy online (AKO) Charity

This inspired event took place on Saturday 23 March as a lead into World Autism Awareness Week and is a forum created specifically for those needing more insightful information about the minefield of autism, providing a platform where people can consult with experts in order to find out more about its related conditions, as well as seek educational and legal advice.

Green Board Games displayed a host of inclusive cross-age/ability play product for parents, teachers, carers and children to try out and experience first-hand. Games included many examples from the award winning and world-wide distributed BrainBox range , including My First BrainBoxes and BrainBox Story Cards, shown alongside the ever-favourite Qwirkle, Q-Bitz, Corner’d, and in addition to their Young Games Inventor winner games Shaperise and Alphachase. Also on show were their “Sensory Genius” fidget toys from the Green Board Games company distributed Fat Brain range; all well suited to children who have an autistic spectrum disorder of varying levels. Green Board Games as ever were applauded by all attendees for their interactivity, logical formats offering fun solutions for family play, learning and even distraction techniques.

Melanie Whitfield, Headteacher from Brookways ASC school in Sutton, comments: 'We always integrate Green Board Games’ products into our lesson planning and socialisation sessions. I can always rely on Green Board Games’ products to deliver educational play and key learning messages but above all, deliver a great time where everyone can join in at varying levels’.

Supporting AKO again through 2019 Green Board Games will be sponsoring the National Autism’s Got Talent taking place on Saturday 4 May, in addition to the Autism Hero Awards on Saturday 16 November.

Anna Kennedy, founder of the AKO autism charity, has commented of Green Board Games’ continued sponsorship: “Thanks once again to Green Board Games for supporting us, it is with the help of the likes of Green Board Games that we are able to continue forging ahead to raise further awareness for autism. It is our aim to create more opportunities for individuals on the autism spectrum and highlight the significant benefits that their different though processes can bring. Visitors at the Expo look forward to Green Board Games’ presence every year – it wouldn’t be the same without them!”

Image: Karen Nunn (Green Board Games) and Anna Kennedy.

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