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Hallmark celebrate 100 years of giftwrap

Credited with founding the modern day gift wrap industry in Kansas City during the Christmas season of 1917, Hallmark are celebrating the 100th year of giftwrap this December

'Gift wrap, or gift dressing as it was called, in the early 20th century was very simple,' said Samantha Bradbeer, historian, Hallmark Cards, Inc. 'People often used brown packaging paper or newspaper to wrap their gifts. Retailer such as Hallmark sold green, red or white tissue paper, and if there were designs, they were typical holiday icons such as holly or wreaths.'

During the peak festive season of 2017, Hallmark sold out of the traditional tissue paper at its Halls store in the heart of Kansas City. Rollie B. Hall, founder J.C. Hall’s older brother, searched the company’s manufacturing plant and found recently imported French envelope liners that were brightly coloured and highly stylised. The company sold the liners as gift wrap for 10 cents a piece and quickly sold out. The following year, Halls stocked up heavily and sold out once again.

'The brothers knew they had a hit on their hands, so they began designing and manufacturing their own gift wrap shortly thereafter,' said Bradbeer.

Gift wrap is the first product Hallmark made other than greeting cards. Over the years, Hallmark continued to innovate new products to help people wrap their gifts and today celebrates the launch of their latest everyday gift packaging range available in store from January. For 2018 Hallmark UK has reimagined what they want their gift presentation collection to look like, encapsulating all occasions, with designs suited for female, male and juvenile.

The new range looks at trends, colour pallets, influences across fashion, patterns, nature and the design world to create a range that is beautifully finished with foiling, flittering and funky designs.

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