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Happy gardening at Glee

Retail Lab will show retailers how to tap into gardening’s feel good factor

Whether it's getting your hands dirty, hosting a BBQ or sipping a coffee under a tree, gardens and gardening make people happy.

The Retail Lab at Glee will give an educational and interactive showcase about how outdoor spaces make us feel, understand how garden centres can use their retail areas to connect with their customers in a positive way that will really engage them.

Five key themes will sit under the Happy Gardening umbrella and will each have their own dedicated area in the Retail Lab to bring them to life:
1) Easy Gardening – Talking to reluctant gardeners and those people who are new to gardening and have a thirst to learn. Debunking the myth that gardening is complicated and arduous work and can it fact be simple to do and aesthetically pleasing.
2) Feel Good – Gardening has significant positive effects on mental health and over all wellbeing. This area will show visitors how garden centres can connect with this theme, practically, in store.
3) Grow your own – A trend that has increased with popularity amongst gardeners of all types and ages, in particular urban gardeners and millennials who now use their outdoor spaces to grow vegetables and herbs from plot to plate.
4) Pets – With 50% of the UK population owning a pet and the ongoing humanisation of pets, garden centres who invest in a pet concession and make their centres pet friendly have one more way of ensuring repeat footfall and larger spends in their centres.
5) Play – How gardening engages with children, how they can really have fun whilst learning and being active and how garden centres can engage in this market.

Returning for the second year to Glee, the Retail Lab – in association with the HTA - will explore these cutting-edge trends and offer educational take-home advice, so retailers can engage with these different consumer groups within their stores.

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