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The perfect present for the old bat in your life

The board that gives the mother-in-law the chop.

North Norfolk wood-turner, Paul Williams of Woods World Wide by Williams wondered why so many people were ordering a specific design of one of his chopping boards.

Having asked a couple of his clients, he soon learned that it was an ironic gift for their mother-in-laws, as it looked like an old bat.

Paul has never been one to let an opportunity pass him by and has decided to market the chopping board specifically as the perfect gift for any mother-in-law.

He takes up the story: "I designed this food safe board last year and it's made of English Oak from the heart of Norfolk, which means no matter how much abuse you give it, it will hang around for years. Just like many mother-in-laws, they come in three different sizes, they also have two faces, which means one side can be used as a chopping board and the other for cheese, for example."

Paul has sold more than 200 Old Bats to date and, from £35-a-piece, they're the gift that keeps on giving …. you a jolly good chuckle.

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