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Heyland & Whittle go for gold

The team are excited to announce the addition of a brand new fragrance to their Gold Classic Collection

Amber & Oakmoss combines mellow yet sweet amber tones with earthy notes of oakmoss, this new scent is incredibly sensual, and will fill any home with warmth and promise. A hint of fresh bergamot balances out those strong aromas, for the perfect split between musky and refreshing: the ideal home fragrance, they believe.

This new scent is incredibly sensual. Amber & Oakmoss is such a classic scent that it'd be absolutely perfect as a gift for a loved one, with its warm, comforting aroma adding a homely, welcoming vibe to any abode. Amber & Oakmoss will be a beautiful scent to fill your home with throughout the autumn months, seeing you right through to when you start thinking about Christmassy fragrances

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