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Holly Tucker at Retail Week

Founder of and now Holly & Co heads female line up at the event in March

Retail Week are addressing the lack of gender diversity among speakers by ensuring half of those taking part in this year’s live event are female.

Billed as 'retail’s greatest think-tank' the annual Retail Week Live has been going for 26 years and WGSN MD Carla Buzasi is one of the keynote speakers, along with founder Holly Tucker.

Programme director Hannah Tovey said: 'According to a recent study on gender diversity and inclusion in events, only 25 per cent of speakers in UK are women. For Retail Week Live 2019, we are making it our mission to address this imbalance – we had 23 per cent in 2018, for 2019 it’s 50 per cent and rising.

'Over 48 unmissable hours we bring together world-class speakers from across retail and beyond to create the opportunity for our industry’s leaders to take stock, find inspiration and reconnect with the sector.

'Retail Week Live has more to offer than just amazing speakers, workshops and seminars, it also provides truly unique experiences which will enable you to see retail from an entirely new perspective.'

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