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Holly Willoughby Shows Some Love for new Knitted Bed Warmers

ITV’s This Morning showcased a featured the seriously cute Knitted Warmers range from UK manufacturer the Intelex Group

The television programme included Jenni Falconer’s alternative guide to keeping warm this winter, showcasing an inventive range of gadgets and bed warming ideas during Thursday’s edition of ITV’s popular and long running programme ‘This Morning’.

The guide was featured in response to gas and electricity prices rising by 10%, and to David Cameron’s controversial advice for homeowners to save energy by putting on another jumper.

Northamptonshire manufacturers of a wide range of heatable toys and personal warmable products, the Intelex Group, are creators of the fun and functional Knitted Warmers™ products featured on the This Morning’s report. 

Philip Gannon, the inventor of heatable soft toys and found of the Intelex Groups says, “We’ve certainly seen an increase in sales for our warmable product range as rising energy prices continue to frustrate consumers across the UK.  People are definitely interested in natural products which can be easily warmed and used to warm beds or offer soothing comfort in the home.”

It was the little Bunny and Pig in his striped pink and white jumper from Intelex’s Knitted Warmers™range which so enamoured presenter Holly Willoughby.  She seemed very taken with the products, pressing the little bed warming companion to her cheek and excitedly announcing that she loved it.  The popular presenter went on to also remark how the Knitted Warmers™ would be ideal for helping soothe neck ache and tummy ache.

Ms Willoughby captured the essence of Intelex’s original business mission.  Founded in London in 1995 to commercialise a new and innovative way to relieve everyday aches and pains, their revolutionary new Hot Pak® design was the first ever fully microwavable herbal heat pack to be sold in Europe and became an overnight success with millions of sales achieved worldwide and several prestigious awards won for innovation.

Since then, Intelex have gone on to create a stunning portfolio filled with a diverse range of both fun and functional warming products, including best sellers like Hooty™ Owls, Socky Dolls™ and Cozy Plush™ and favourites from their licensed range include fully microwavable versions of YooHoo and Friends™, Gromit™, Shaun the Sheep™, Bagpuss® and greeting card cuddly pup Boofle™.

With Intelex having set the industry standard for quality and safety in fully microwavable products, the secret of Intelex’s success lies in the creation of a range of bed warming companions that have wide ranging appeal; it’s not just kids that love the cute and useful toys, adults love a fun alternative to hot water bottles too and are smitten with warmable plush toys like Knitted Warmers™,  Hooty™ owl and Bagpuss® heatable slippers.

Consumers can find Intelex’s range of heatable Knitted Warmers™ including Pig and Bunny featured on ITV’s This Morning at Debenhams for £15.99 and other major retailers and independent stores.

Phone Intelex on 01933 679 777, email the team on or visit the Intelex website to learn more about their fantastic range of winter warmers.

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