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Hot List launches to showcase emerging British talent

UK retailers can now keep an eye on emerging British manufacturers thanks to a new initiative by sourcing experts at The Great British Exchange

he company has shared its predictions on what it believes will be the most sought-after products from up and coming makers in the coming months.

Focusing purely on homegrown talent, the new hot list will be updated monthly to introduce fresh talent.

Matthew Hopkins, managing director of The Great British Exchange, said: 'This is all about giving buyers the confidence to try something new, stock more British goods and offer customers products that will really excite them.

'Predicting exactly what will do well and investing money in new stock are huge barriers that prevent great products from reaching their market and deter retailers from supporting British designers,' he added.

Research by The Great British Exchange in 2018 found that 91 per cent of shoppers would visit high street stores more frequently if they could buy items that are hard to find anywhere else. The study also found that customers want to see more locally made and British manufactured products on the shelves.

Matthew added: 'Our producer team comes across fantastic new British products every day and we hope this new hot list will inspire more stores to give them a platform on the high street.'

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