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Import Services braces for Brexit

Logistics specialist set to tackle issues of UK's split from Europe to ensure smooth transition for its clients

With the outcome of Brexit still relatively uncertain, Import Services has listened to its clients' Brexit concerns and looked at potential scenarios, addressing the topics in updates top be published regularly over the coming months.

In the first instance, the subject of cost implications from potentially increased tariffs and VAT is under the microscope. Import Services' view is that the impact is likely to be more from the administrative side and the control and reporting required to manage the new regime post-Brexit.

A logistics partner must be capable of tracking order flow, serving potentially a range of new customs jurisdictions. Hence bonded warehouse facilities and appropriate systems to manage inventory under bond will be a prerequisite. Import Services’ distribution centres are already set for this eventuality.

In Southampton Import Services' bonded distribution centres allow stock to be held, free of duty and VAT, until after products are sold to customers in the UK and continental Europe, or post transhipment under bond to overseas markets, where duty and VAT is paid at destination. This operation assists clients' cash flow significantly.

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