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In a spin at London Stationery Show

Check out the 'Spincil' - a pencil and spinning top in one - from Ortie Design, who were one of the winners of the first LaunchPad competition.

By winning the LaunchPad Competition, Ortie received an exhibition space, as well as an extensive of PR and marketing support from the London Stationery Show and will enter its products for the 2017 Stationery Awards.

'This is the ideal place for us to show our creations designed for the desk. It will allow us to develop and increase our activity on the British market,' says Magali, co-founder of Ortie.

The three judges of the Launchpad Competition know what consumers like and respond to. Rebecca Saunders (head of development of, Kim Harrup-Brook (graphic designer and founder of Esmie) and Sally Newall (editor of Indibest at The Independent), were particularly seduced by the originality of a classic of the brand: the Spincil.

A pencil and a spinning top, all in one piece: on the one side, the 2B graphite lead allows you to draw ; on the other side, the top brings you back to childhood. With a shape which seems to be simple at the first look, Spincil proved to be complex to manufacture, because it is done vertically all in one piece. That’s why this object is turned by hand and can not be industrialised.

The London Stationery Show 'is where fashion meets function.' This exhibition offers each year the biggest selection of writing and paper products from around the world, all in one place, and allows the market players to discover new brands and new products.

It runs from 25-26 April at the Business Design Centre, London.

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