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Inspiring campaign for children's book

Sympathy publishers launch Kickstarter project for children’s bereavement book

One of the greetings successes of the year, Inspired Goodbyes are now bidding to expand from their speciality of sympathy cards with the launch of a crowdfunding campaign to publish a book to help children understand bereavement.

It’s Not Fair has been written by Inspired Goodbyes founders and Gift Association members Helen Lawson and Sophia Lucop-Leech because children don’\t always know how to behave after bereavement, and they’re hoping to raise £10,000 in 29 days to fund the project.

People can choose simply to help fund the project or there are various levels of donation, from £5 to £250, where they will receive rewards including a handwritten thank you postcard, ebook, signed copy of the book, framed limited edition front cover, have a loved one’s name printed inside every copy, and the chance to put a message at the back.

“Together we can bring out a beautiful book that will help children understand their bereavement,” Helen said, “We're very proud of it. Although we've written it ourselves we need to raise funds to have the full book illustrated, designed, published and promoted. “We are a small company, just the two of us, and we re-invest our profits to create new ranges of sympathy cards and attend trade shows to promote what we do. This is why we have created this Kickstarter campaign to help us get our book published.

“Fingers crossed we achieve this. If we don’t get the target amount we get diddly squat!”

The video where Helen and Sophia explain the project is below, and to contribute to the campaign click below.
T: 0161 667 5762

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