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Meet George

George is an electronic fragrance diffuser designed by Italian designer Luca Trazzi. George works by blowing cool air through any of Mr&Mrs Fragrance capsules. 

This innovative system is just about the safest way to produce fragrance, no flame, no heat, no liquid, no mess, just beautiful fragrances produced by this iconic diffuser.

George is powered by a lithium battery and can last up to eight hours on one charge, he has two separate one touch fragrance programs and will always revert to standby thus saving fragrance and power.  George is available in four soft touch colours and two metallic colours.

And meet Cesare, a car air freshener who just sits on your air vent and fragrances your car, but with style.  Cesare is made of a special type of plastic , his fragrance is incorporated into his body with essential oils.  He will give you two months of beautiful fragrances and is available in 12 different colours and fragrances.  Cesare is made in Italy and comes sealed in plastic within a box with a scratch and smell sticker.

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