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Introducing the royal glass

With two royal weddings taking place in the UK this year, world-leading producer of luxury handmade crystal, Moser, highlights the collections used by members of Europe’s royal families

For those wanting to follow in royal wedding traditions, Moser – world-leading producers of luxury handmade crystal - shares insights as to the different collections used by members of the British and European royal families, and which pieces have been selected for the Moser 2018 Bridal Collection.

In 1947, Queen Elizabeth II - then Princess Elizabeth - was presented with Moser’s most-loved Splendid crystal stemware as a wedding gift by the then Czechoslovakian President, Edvard Beneš, and she is known to use the glasses for both personal occasions and official dinners.

The Splendid collection, designed in 1911, remains one of the most popular designs chosen for Royal wedding breakfasts and ceremonial dinners, and is often selected by British and international brides for their wedding gift list. The handcrafted glasses are available in both 24k gold or platinum, and for those wanting something entirely personal, a monogram or personal design can be hand-engraved onto each glass.

In 2004, Moser’s Copenhagen collection was chosen as the glassware for the wedding breakfast of then-Spanish Crown Prince Felipe (now King Filipe VI of Spain) and Letizie Ortiz.

Frantisek Schneider, CEO at Moser, comments: “With two British royal weddings taking place this year, we have compiled the Moser 2018 Wedding Collection to showcase some of our most famous classic stemware collections, as well as share insights into what pieces are predicted to be the most popular choices for British brides this year.

'The most precious gifts are those that are given with love, and create a memory of a special moment in time. We have customers who continue to add to their original bridal collection every wedding anniversary, which is a beautiful tradition. Every piece of Moser crystal is created with passion and care by our master craftsmen – each piece is handmade; individually blown, polished and engraved with exacting care and using techniques going back over 100 years.

'Fashion does play a part when choosing glassware, and over the past few years platinum finishes are becoming more popular for modern bribes, rather than the more traditional 24 carat gold. We are also seeing a trend where brides are selecting a classic Moser design for the stemmed glassware, whereas wedding guests are choosing more contemporary pieces when gifting,' concluded Schneider.

Moser, which is already available in leading UK retailers including Linley, William & Son, Fortnum & Mason and Thomas Goode, and online from and from bridal specialist site - - highlights its 2018 wedding collection.

Moser’s 2018 wedding collection

The Splendid Collection is one of Moser’s most famous designs and is most-often selected by kings and queens, including those monarchs and leaders of countries including Great Britain, Finland, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Algeria. Glasses can be engraved with a monogram or personal design.

Lady Hamilton
Lady Hamilton, designed in 1934 and named after the charming 19th century English actress who was the wife of diplomat William Hamilton, (and also said to be Admiral Nelson’s lover) is a design also favoured by royal brides and distinguished celebrities. It is a design that is optically distinct, and has an elegance and beauty within each glass.

This tall and elegant design features an engraved motif of a rose in bloom and bud. Under the rim and along the edge of the foot are engraved - and gilded - two intertwined stems with thorns and leaves, which can symbolize the joining of a husband and wife. Designed in 1902.

Chloe Goblet
The Chloe Goblet, is one of the more rare pieces available from Moser, with a limited edition of just 300. Designed in 1895, it is one of the more technical pieces for the master craftsmen, and was designed so it can be used from both ends. It is painted in the finest enamels and gold, in a delicate pattern that reflects both Historicism and Art Nouveau.

Designed in 1909, Copenhagen is one of Moser’s most popular sets at both Royal and private weddings. It is an elegant demonstration of beautiful shape and decoration.
Chosen by numerous heads of state from around the world, including then-Spanish Crown Prince Felipe (now King Filipe VI of Spain) and Letizie Ortiz, who used this design for their wedding breakfast.

A beautiful gift to recognise the love between a special couple. This multi-faceted 20.5cm hand-blown and hand-cut heart is often gifted by a groom to his wife on their wedding day, as well as presented to the happy couple as a wedding gift.

Purity Vase
Boldly blending two colours into one piece of crystal, Aquamarine and Rose, just like the marriage of two individuals that fit perfectly together. This highly skilled and demanding technique can only be achieved by a few master craftsmen to create a centrepiece such as this 28cm vase. Light coming through the crystal shows this piece of perfectly.

Caorle Vase
Designed by Lukas Jaburek and handmade by Moser master-craftsmen, the Caorle is a combination of ocean green underlay with rose colours, blown into a 30cm vase and a hand six-angled cut creating a mesmerising depth to the piece.

Polygon Vases
For the more modern bride, these two unique vases, made from the finest lead-free crystal, are handcrafted and blown using different colours within each vase; aquamarine underlay with green and aquamarine underlay with amethyst. Both vases are precisely cut by hand until its final form of a solitaire, subtly combining flat surfaces with round edges.

Motylek - Butterfly Tumblers
The beauty of the butterfly of captured on this collection of individually hand-blown crystal tumblers. Each of the colours boasts a different butterfly in motion. Six colours available – 11cm tall.

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