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Is it a speaker? Or is it a table?

The Steepletone Tabblue is both. A Bluetooth Speaker system, that’s also an elegant table, this is a product like no other.

With an incredible six speaker system, the sound of the Steepletone Tabblue is amazing. It is a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker, but it’s also much more than that.

We’re talking about seven hours of cordless playing time and a whopping range of ten meters Bluetooth range. The eye-catching design (in the form of an elegant table) is a true treat for music lovers.

If you're listening to your music from your phone and someone calls, you have full hands free with this unique product. Power comes from a DC 16V wall AC adapter or via a built in 2200mAH lithium battery. Two USB ports allow for multiple devices to charge at the same time. The Tabblue is made of high quality materials. Three beautifully crafted legs are made from 100% lush beech wood. The main body is wrapped in a woven micro-fabric for a touch of modernity with four interactive buttons sewn into the fabric, giving them a professional look. There is an AUX-In for wired connection to TV’s and other sound sources, transforming your TV sound. 

Call: 01869 812828

Check out the video presentation below.

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