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Jeremy Corner plans to transform GA

Jeremy Corner’s vision is to change GA through "network thinking" as he becomes vice chairman-elect.

Henri Davis has chosen the man who will succeed her as GA vice chairman next summer when she steps up to become chairman. He is Jeremy Corner, the managing director of Blue Eyed Sun and Ivy Ellen, the successful greeting card and wedding stationery businesses which both have close involvement in the giftware industry through licensing partnerships with companies such as Widdop Bingham.

Jeremy – who will become chairman of The GA in 2018 when Henri completes her two-year term – has a vision to transform the association through “network thinking” and help its members and the wider industry to thrive in what he describes as the “new age”.

He explains: “I am very excited at the prospect of helping The GA to become even more relevant over the coming years. We are living in a world that is shifting from institutional thinking – which is closed, selective and controlling – to network thinking which is open, random and supportive.

“This is led by massive changes in the internet and digital technologies which are disrupting industries globally. Our own, as a whole, will benefit hugely from a GA that is more in line with these changes - open to everyone; random and accepting of the variety of members’ needs, and supportive of growing and protecting the giftware industry.”

Jeremy believes that the process will take several years and “will sustain us all into the future”.

A member of The GA since 2003 – using most of its services to save his businesses money and to grow – Jeremy is a regular speaker on social media and export at industry events such as Spring Fair and Autumn Fair. He also runs his own blog and is a Sage Business Expert, working closely with leading social media experts around the world. You can connect with him online through most social media platforms.

Says Henri Davis: “I see Jeremy’s and my skills as being very different and complementary. My breadth of experience as a retailer and now as an advisor in many different sectors – stationery, gifts, heritage and cards – allows me to be objective and think laterally when looking for opportunities and assessing risks.

“As a supplier with skills in harnessing new technologies and social media to drive businesses forward, Jeremy is able to look at these same opportunities from a different perspective. I believe his insight and understanding of these areas will be invaluable to The GA and its members as we all look to prosper in the future.”

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