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Keel Toys get huggable

The company's designers have been keenly focused on developing key ranges of winning products and developing them further, so they will be continued to be loved, hugged and collected during 2018

Animotsu, their number one selling collection, grew in sales by over 200% in 2017. To boost the sales further, they will be adding Dinosaurs and Ballerinas to the range in the Animotsu trademark vibrant colours. The 15cm Collection will see the introduction of seven New designs including Seahorse, Rainbow Rabbit and Seal. Together with the new Sea Life, there is now an Animotsu for everyone to love.

Hugg’ems are eight wonderfully coloured animal characters with long arms, weighted paws and swirling tails that can be hung from your arm or neck and love to be hugged. Once you have hugged them all you can hang them on to your favourite chair or decorate a shelf. Available in two sizes, they are merchandised in a cardboard floor stand, which is free with 84pcs of stock. Central to Keel Toys Winter 2018 range are three themed Christmas collections; Pugsley, Pipp the Bear and Animotsu – their top selling sparkle eyed toys. Pugsley features the adorable Pug in onesies in both laying and sitting poses and will include, for the first time, sound chips with Christmas themed songs.


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