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Lick the competition

Instawrap is the exciting new way to wrap your gifts without the need for sticky tape – you simply lick and stick the stunning designs, and can even make bows and shapes for extra decoration using the templates on the reverse

Having started with Birthday Boy, Birthday Girl, Hide & Seek, Funny Bunny, Spec-tacular, Sweet Thing, Harlequins, Retro Funk, Happy Days, Gifts Galore, Moorish, and Dotty Daisy there are plenty more in the pipeline.

Especially developed with zero taste, Instawrap from Wrap Nation is a British invention protected by granted UK and international patent applications, and is classified as toy safe so is fine for everyone to use, including children.
It simplifies the whole process of wrapping gifts, you no longer waste time dispensing or cutting sticky tape so presents can be wrapped more quickly, and will also look beautiful without the blemish of unsightly tape.

Made in the UK, Instawrap has been designed with the environment in mind so, with no plastic take needed and no plastic contaminants used in the manufacturing process, it’s completely recyclable.

Exhibiting at PG Live this week. Stand 868

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