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LIMA to host second Latin American showcase

Expolicencias Latin America 2017 takes place on March 27-28 in Bogota, Colombia.

This innovative event will provide licensors, licensees, retailers and other related business professionals the opportunity to gain a more thorough understanding of the Latin American market, including its prospects and challenges.

'Expolicencias is an ideal setting for anyone interested in expanding their business in Latin America to learn more about this burgeoning market,while also providing those in the region an opportunity to engage with some of the leaders in our industry,' said Charles Riotto, President, LIMA.

Expolicencias Latin America will feature many prominent licensing professionals speaking about their experiences in the industry, including Celso Rafael, Exim Brasil; Maca Rotter, Televisa; Philippe Bost, Mattel; and Francisco Baquero, Hasbro, among others. They will share perspectives on the region; opportunities, challenges and how to face its challenges. They will also demonstrate how the hottest and most innovative brand licenses can make a significant difference for any consumer product retail business.

'Placing emphasis on the Latin American market is very important. In addition to Mexico and Brazil, which are of course substantial in size, we have medium-sized countries where production is equally of high quality and there is tremendous appreciation and understanding for the value of licensing,' said Ximena Duque, CEO, Exim Colombia, one of the leading licensing agents in Latin America. 'Our countries are an example of perseverance and growth and all we can do to support the Latin American industry and make it more competitive, must be done.'

Licensors in the region will have the opportunity to showcase their brands through innovative activities created specifically for Expolicencias Latin America, including “Minute of Fame” and mobile activities featuring the sponsored brand. Licensees will have the chance to meet with brand owners and entertainment studios to discuss opportunities for their products.

Commented Maca Rotter, CEO, Panaderia Mexico and member of the LIMA Board of Directors: 'The commitment of each of the companies we represent, to grow in our territories, is getting stronger. Our commitment as representatives and agents is to open the market so that new opportunities for the region are given. The growth that Latin merica is undergoing and the support given to the region, is the best ‘ant-icrisis’ strategy we can have.'

Expolicencias Latin America will be held at Carpa C. Vilar in Bogota. For registration information,visit

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