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Love Fragrance, Live Fragrance

New for 2020, Ashleigh & Burwood unveils the new tag line the company directors have been honing for the home fragrance brand. ‘Love Fragrance, Live Fragrance’ is the phrase that encapsulates the passion and emotion that goes into the creation of their home fragrances and it is an emotion and lifestyle choice they are devoted to instilling in their customers and home fragrance fans too

The introduction of the tagline is part of a bigger growth plan that business owners, John and Andrew Nettleton, are working on with fellow home fragrance and gift industry professional, and friend to the family, Clive Harper.

Clive has over 20 years’ experience working in the giftware industry and with some of the best known names in the industry. For 10 years he was at the helm of the UK arm of Yankee Candle which he grew to be one of the biggest names in home fragrance.

In other roles Clive has worked with a number of important players in the industry and has been able to apply his wealth of knowledge to help them reach their full potential.

John and Andrew are excited for the future and welcome Clive to the team as he fulfils a business advisory role for the coming months. John says of the link up: 'With the rapid evolution of the retail landscape and the many unique challenges we face, we recognise the need to bring counsel to the task of keeping Ashleigh & Burwood on track and indeed driving our growth. We are delighted to be in a position to utilise the vast experience Clive Harper has garnered in his career as he joins us as a Company Director. Quality, innovation and fragrance will always remain at the heart of our family business and with Clive’s professional input I’m confident we can strengthen our abilities further, enabling us to compete and grow. The future looks very exciting!'

Clive is eager to make a positive impact, commenting: 'I have always admired the Ashleigh & Burwood brand and respect the passion and commitment the Team bring to the Company. I look forward to the challenge of assisting the growth of the brand reinforcing the company’s commitment to work with their partners in the market.'

You can get an insight into the future of Ashleigh & Burwood at Top Drawer (M31) and Spring Fair (4B10-C11).

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