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Maped Helix finds the UK’s oldest Maths set tin

As part of the run-up to the National Stationery Week 2015, Maped Helix began a search for the oldest Oxford Maths set tin.

The winning tin belongs to Kaye Radford who dug out her treasured old maths set which dates back to the 1950s and it is even engraved with all the obligatory compass scratches including Mrs Radford’s name at school.

Mrs Radford, from Oldswinford near Stourbridge in the West Midlands is originally from Sunderland and has kept her maths set tin with her throughout the years.

Mrs Radford’s winning entry was picked from the many images submitted and she was presented her prize at Maped Helix Head Office in Kingswinford, West Midlands. Mrs Radford received a £50 voucher and a huge bundle of Maped Helix stationery.

Mrs Radford said ‘What a lovely surprise. I didn’t realise by keeping the maths tin I used at school it would end up winning me a prize. There are some really great and useful items in the stationery bundle including a new Oxford Maths Set, I’m going to pass on this modern version to my grandson to help with his studies.’

As well as receiving her prize Mrs Radford’s maths set tin will be feature next week at the Stationery Show in London on the Maped Helix stand where all the big names in the stationery industry will be able to view it.

Adrian Ellis, General Manager of Maped Helix, said ‘We are really pleased to be able to present Kaye with her prize and we have loved seeing all of the entries that have come in of so many treasured sets. Maped Helix are renowned for the timeless quality of their stationery products, which I think, this competition confirms that they have been used by generations of youngsters.’

National Stationery Week runs 27 April-3 May 2015 and Stationery Show in London is on the 28-29 April

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