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Minions: a yellow frenzy is sweeping across the UK

The transgenerational characters replace Frozen as best-selling toy licence in the UK.

According to global information provider, The NPD Group, the Minions have become the top-selling licence for the British toy market. As much as Minions was expected to be a success, it took a lot to unseat Disney’s Frozen, which had been occupying the top spot since July 2014.

Yellow, funny and extremely popular, Minions, which landed on British screens on 26 June, has enjoyed mass exposure in the media and at retail. The success of this exposure was felt at retail even before the movie was released on the big screen. The Minions licence became the biggest seller in the week prior to the release of the film, a trend that's expected across other countries as the film gets released this month. Minions is currently the third best-selling licence in the French toy market and number six in the United States.

Minions’ not-so-secret recipe for success is a universal humour, bringing families together and appealing to most age groups. It resonates just as much with young children as with older generation.

Frédérique Tutt, Global Industry Analyst for The NPD Group comments: “Expectations are high at retail after the general public allegedly demanded more merchandise following the first two movies. By being so different from the usual Hollywood blockbusters which feature super heroes, apocalyptic threats and good versus evil, the Minions movie with its anti-heroes has a fresh appeal and a feel-good factor that could well make yellow the colour of summer 2015.”

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