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Sticky business for the 21st Century

Children's stickers that come to life make entertaining gifts.

There’s a new gift for parents to buy for their children – traditional stickers that come to life using a free smartphone app.

Mardles bring the much-loved hobby of sticker collecting into the 21st century and are an inexpensive toy to amaze the whole family.

The reusable stickers come to life with sound effects when they are placed on any flat surface and then viewed through a free smartphone and tablet app that works with Apple, Android and Amazon devices.
Using Augmented Reality technology, each character or object on the stickers – from dinosaurs to rockets and racing cars to unicorns – can then be controlled using the on-screen joystick.

Kids can make them move across a room or even walk up someone’s arm and then take pictures of the characters against these real-life backdrops using the special camera button.

Thought up by mum-of-one Sharon Wyness and created with her friend James Murden, the stickers are a British success story being 100 per cent designed, developed and produced here.

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