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Moomins are in the swim

The Moomin family take an evening swim in Arabia’s new summer collection

Arabia’s summer collection for 2019 features a six-piece series inspired by Tove Jansson’s Moomin comic 'Desert Island', published for the first time in the English newspaper, Evening News, in 1955. The picture used by Arabia shows the Moomins enjoying the summertime while swimming under the sunset. The limited-edition series consists of a mug, plate, spoons and Tooticky and Little My figurines that complement Arabia’s permanent collection.

'Desert Island' comic tells the story of a holiday adventure for the Moomin family. Moominmamma, Moominpappa and Moomintroll take a trip to an island, where they meet a crowd of pirates who have hit a rock by following fire signals planted by the Ancestor character to mislead them.

Mymble is also on the island, and the Moomins meet her for the first time when Moomintroll rescues her from the sinking ship. Moominmamma comes up with an idea for an activity they can all participate in: building a rock wall. When one of the big stones rolls down to the shore, Mymble and the Moomin family think of another game to play.

The evening sun paints the sky red and makes the water look very inviting. The rock and a piece of wood become a diving board and Moominmamma, along with Moominpappa, Moomintroll and Mymble, dive into the water. On the shore, the ship’s cat watches the Moomins’ fun with astonishment.

Tove and Lars Jansson’s comics have been a source of inspiration for Arabia since the 1990s. At that time, the comics were displayed on mugs in the original version. Now, the comics provide inspiration for the illustrations we see today. The designers use the collage technique to create the stories, allowing for more freedom in the layout to extract key moments from the stories creating new ideas for ceramic collections.

Summer seasonals 2019 are available from 15 April 2019. The series of figurines is now complete with two new characters, Tooticky and Little My.

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