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Narrative jewellery: The art of telling untold stories

Launching at Autumn Fair 2014 will be Balagan's new Narrate collection. The ethos of the Narrate collection is jewellery which tells a story, captures a moment or an emotion.

Narrative jewellery creates a relationship between the wearer and the piece as each piece of jewellery has personal meaning to its wearer. 

It may tell a story, or capture an emotion, although its not always clear what the true underlying story is and in many ways its like displaying a secret or something personal about yourself without actually disclosing it.

Rachel Parkin, the designer of the collections comments: “Visual images shape the world we live in, how we communicate with each other and this often contributes to the person we become.”

Words have power and The Narrate 2014 collection allows the wearer to tell their story, either publicly or privately and to embrace symbolism as a means of drawing strength, courage or belief” This is a beautiful collection created in Sterling Silver with gold or rose gold vermeil washes.

“The interpretation of each piece is subjective, we create the jewellery, with one thing in mind, but the wearer they will bring their own subjective perception & experience in life to our pieces,” explains Rachel.

What’s your story ?

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