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New boutique aroma blends shift scent of beauty

The Tazeka range comprises 17 highly sophisticated blends of organic or wild-crafted essential oils targeting specific states – of mind, body or soul.

Tazeka comes packaged in shiny sophisticated phials no larger than a lipstick case.

The roll-ons fit perfectly into a purse or pocket and the sleek protective case means no leaks and no mess.

Every blend targets the brain, body and emotions to create a precise effect – both physiologically and psychologically. This is seriously smart science blended from nature.

Tazeka is the brainchild of Florida-based Zena Hallam, a certified clinical aromatherapist and reflexologist.

“I blend holistically,” she says, “based on solid research. The blends work in synergy with your being to raise your energy and harmonise your health.”

The range addresses everyday issues such as headaches, insomnia, stress, coughs and colds and PMS. It also targets mind and mood with blends such as Balance, Optimism, Confidence, and Non-Stop Thoughts. Meditation Guru is the must-have blend for yoga, Pilates and meditation, while Travel Companion is every girl’s best friend on a plane, train, ship or the underground.

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Tazeka is available from Naturisimo, My Showcase and Revital (not all stockists carry the full range).

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