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New Groovy Chick launches are a sell out

The latest Groovy Chick T-shirt launch on TruffleShuffle has proven to be a huge success with some incredible responses on social media and in the press with orders flying out

The online retailer known for their retro 80s and 90s style is the perfect match for Groovy Chick as nostalgia becomes such a huge focal point in retail.

Earlier in the year Groovy Chick saw fantastic success with Misirli’s sock launch in Primark resulting in huge excitement on social media and in the press. Millennials rushed to Primark so as not to miss out on their chance to own a pair! The socks were sold out within weeks causing a huge demand for more which are due to hit store later in the summer.

The well-known YouTube sensation Zoella has expressed her love for Groovy Chick in the past. The Misirli socks appeared on her Primark Summer Haul vlog which has so far achieved over 1.5 million views.

With 2018 being the 30th Anniversary of our favourite 90s girl, DRi Licensing is bringing the nostalgic brand back to retail. The brand was created in the 90s by dynamic design studio, Bang on the Door and was a huge success. With the second range of socks going into Primark and recent signings such as TPD Textiles and Moonpig, it is going to be an exciting year for Groovy Chick.

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