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New look Sherwood candle for Price's

The Royal Warrant Holder has revealed the new-look Sherwood packaging for the range

The iconic candle, which has been supplied to the Royal Household since the 1840s, has reverted back to the historical 10 pack, rather than the triangle-shaped container of three candles.

Produced in a variety of colours across two sizes to suit any dining table, these distinguished candles proved so popular in recent months the company completely sold out of the coloured variety.

Now back in stock, sporting their new-look, vintage packaging, Price’s Candles' UK Sales Manager, Lisa Fuller comments: ‘The revamped Sherwood candles came about from listening to feedback from our stockists and we’re delighted to provide them with a variety of options to sell these prestigious candles. Now packaged in a 10 pack with a sleeve, the retailer is able to display them either as a box of 10 or sell the candles individually.’

The company also reports that these historic candles are still produced with the same artisanship they once were, being shaped and packaged by hand!

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