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New species join Gaby Cushions shoal

Four new fish species have been added to the range which is distributed by Bait-Tech Ltd

1) The Lady of the Stream - in a pillow!
2) The Barracuda has a fearsome appearance and is known for it's ferocious behaviour. The Barracuda is available in a Giant size of 110cm long.
3) The Dusky Grouper inhabits rocky reefs in the Mediterranean Sea, eastern and south-western Atlantic and western Indian Ocean. It is a large fish with a big head, wide mouth and jutting lower jaw give the dusky grouper a slightly prehistoric look, and the distinctive fungus-like blotches on its skin add to its strange appearance.
4) The Amberjack are a game fish, most often found in the warmer parts of the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The Amberjack pillow is available in Giant size of 100cm.

Add these unique items to your product range and increase your sales.

Gaby UK is distributed by Bait-Tech Ltd. Please contact your Bait-Tech distributor/rep.

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