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New WoodWick Collections Warming up Harrogate

Xystos will launch a quintet of new collections, plus candle warmers, at retail festival

Xystos, the home of flame and fragrance, will launch five new WoodWick collections and a range of candle warmers at the Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival in Harrogate.

The Waterfront Collection comprises three fragrances; At the Beach, Coastal Sunset and Tropical Oasis, while the Greenhouse Collection features the scents; Cucumber Melon, Radish & Rhubarb and Windowsill Herbs.

The Summer Sweets Collection also has a trio of fragrances; Raspberry Yuzu, Sparkling Orange and Sweet Lime Gelato.

These three collections will be available in core medium and large and ellipse vessels as well as hourglasses.

Additionally, Xystos will be introducing the Citronella Collection in core medium and large and ellipse vessels, as well as the Valentine’s Day Collection featuring a medium Sweetheart hourglass and Sweetheart ellipse and ceramic vessels.

Later this month Xystos will also announce a new partnership to distribute two major UK brands.

Xystos’ stand at Harrogate is Q13. For more information visit:

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