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New-look giftwrap!

Instawrap is a brand-new concept of lick-it-and-stick-it giftwrap from Wrap Nation

Instawrap allows you to wrap gifts without the need for sticky tape; it is so easy to use, you simply lick and stick! It has been specially developed with zero taste, just lick and stick anywhere on either side of Instawrap to activate, it’s fun, quick & easy to use.

It's a British invention protected by granted UK and international patent applications. It makes wrapping a gift easier, as you always have two hands free when you Instawrap. As you no longer waste time dispensing or cutting sticky tape, you can wrap presents quicker, without the unsightly blemish of sticky tape.

Check out giftwrapping guru Jane Means, their brand ambassador, demonstrating how to use this brilliant new product on the company's website.

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