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Kids say no thank you!

Wrendale survey shows a quarter of kids don’t acknowledge gifts.

A survey commissioned by Wrendale Designs has discovered a quarter of UK parents admit their child sends no form of thank you message for Christmas gifts.

More than 1,000 parents of children aged five to 16 years old were questioned about their children’s post-Christmas thank you habits to explore if the traditional hand-written note still has a place in the digital society.

With 68 per cent believing parents should encourage their children to write thank you notes for Christmas presents, 27 per cent confirmed their child follows the hand-written note tradition – in the east of England it rose to 38 per cent, against only 17 per cent in Wales – while a further 12 per cent send mostly hand-written notes.

More than 14 per cent said their child sends either a combination of digital and hand-written notes, or only digital thank yous.

Wrendale Designs’ founder Hannah Dale said: “To me, nothing beats the thrill of opening a hand-written card or letter and it’s especially lovely when it expresses gratitude for something you have given.

“In this increasingly digital age, I’m delighted that so many people still see the value of a hand-written thank you, although it’s a shock that a quarter of parents say their children don’t send any thank you message at all.

“Our new range of stationery, Snails & Pigtails, is created especially for children and includes cards, thank you notelets, notebooks, crayons and letter-writing sets – I really hope to inspire another generation of children to keep the tradition of the hand-written thank you alive in today’s digital world.”

The survey showed 58 per cent of respondents agree it’s nicer to receive hand-written thank you notes than a digital message, with the reasons why including:
● It shows the sender is thoughtful (60%)
● It’s a sign the sender has good manners (49%)
● It’s lovely to receive hand-written cards in this digital age (45%)
● It’s traditional and proper (43%)
● They are more memorable than a digital message (37%)
● It shows that I matter to that person (36%)
● They are ever-lasting (33%)
● They make me feel loved (21%)

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