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18th March 2020

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Nostalgia isn't what it used to be

The rebranded RetroCo are expanding their offer to help everyone celebrate the milestones with lovingly-curated collections of pure nostalgia.

Memory boxes are something many people have stashed away for their children but you often forget to remember things for yourself.

The newly-renamed RetroCo – formerly The CDCard Company – are coming to the rescue with their fantastic new product called Birthday Boxes which everyone can get aboard for an extended trip down Memory Lane, calling at Vintage Street and Nostalgia Central.

Incorporating their four-in-one deluxe greetings card and gift that’s a step up from their original CD and DVD cards, the Birthday Boxes are a lovingly-curated collection of pure nostalgia.

Beautifully presented in an embossed quality board presentation box, they take inspiration from RetroCo MD Chris Leaning’s own love of collecting ephemera – his London office, house, garage and mum’s home are stuffed full of every Apple Mac, Record Mirror, Melody Maker and NME, figurines from the Lost TV series, film posters, vinyl records, Doctor Who memorabilia, ha’pennies and other UK coins, and so much more it’s hard to list.

The Deluxe Keepsake Box is bursting with vintage objects to celebrate the special milestone birthdays with facts and music over period marking the formative years of the recipient.

Each contains over 25 different high-quality items including:
• 24-page story of your life birthday booklet card
• Film poster
• Pop poster
• Mini -book of magazine covers
• 15-track vintage vinyl effect CD of original hits with downloads
• Hour-long DVD news documentary
• Music download
• Original coin in presentation wallet
• Toys and games catalogue
• Bubblegum cards
• Button badges
• Fridge magnets
• TV guide
• Gig guide
• Post cards

The Birthday Boxes are being launched at Spring Fair, and currently there are a total of eight in the range, with the 40th, 50th, 60th and 70th birthdays in two different box designs – collage and retro spiral.

Sian Ellis-Thomas, head of sales and marketing, said: “We’ve moved on from CDs to DVDs and now we’re everyone is into downloading music and video so we needed to change with the times – that’s where the rebranding comes in as the name of The CDCard Company no longer fits what we’re doing.

“Products-wise the retro story is here to stay and this marks a new chapter in our history as we capitalise on our place in the nostalgia market and broaden the product remit into a more inclusive gift and greetings brand.”

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