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Pencils at the ready for National Stationery Week

Yearly campaign is joining forces with Explore Learning

National Stationery Week is continuing to put handwriting right at the top of its national agenda with the ‘writing matters’ campaign.

And now the annual event has teamed up with an educational heavyweight to promote handwriting as a significant skill, while also dispelling some of the myths surrounding it.

NSW will join forces with Explore Learning, a nation-wide tutoring company with 120 learning centres across the UK where students receive structured learning in English, maths, handwriting and other essential skills.

As part of the special relationship National Stationery Week is also providing prizes for Explore’s National Young Writers’ Award.

Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, says: Writing is a very personal way to communicate. In the past it was essential for communicating anything, but now with phones, emails, instant messaging and online forms, it is no longer as essential but instead is associated with a more heartfelt sentiment.

‘More than in any other time, writing something by hand is filled with meaning.’

Chris Leonard-Morgan, founder of National Stationery Week, adds: ‘By supporting us, Explore Learning are celebrating handwriting and giving children a fantastic education through their workshops.’

National Stationery Week runs from 25 April to 1 May. For more information visit:

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