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Oddbods kickstart board game

Oddbods, the fun, quirky, non-dialogue animation series from One Animation launches Oddbods Go-Kards card-based racing board game in partnership with game developer, Playware, on crowd-funding site, Kickstarter

Perfectly capturing the hilarious madcap antics of the Oddbods, players must navigate challenges and obstacles strategically planted throughout the track whilst taking opportunities galore to prank their competitors in a gripping race to cross the finish line.

This is a fun, humorous but also smart board-game with unexpected twists and turns that grows with you and your family.

Each of the board and card actions relate to each of the seven Oddbods’ core personality traits – Pogo’s mischievous side ensures that you can never quite predict what will happen, whilst Fuse may have a tantrum and change things up a little causing both delight and frustration! There are also forfeits to be paid before a player is permitted to move around the board: Can you lick your elbow? Then you can’t pass go!

Meanwhile, the game’s interchangeable track allows players to build their own board-game that plays differently depending on how it’s constructed. It can also be of any size; fancy a quick game? Pick just four boards. Want to make an afternoon out of it, make it four times bigger! Its functions are also modular, allowing players to add or remove levels of strategy and complexity to suit any age group from seven upwards.

'We wanted to create a board game that would capture the Oddbods’ madcap antics and sense of fun in a way that both kids and adults can enjoy, and this highly innovative, highly flexible game does this beautifully,' says Anabel Higgin, Marketing Director of One Animation. 'Playware have ensured that each gaming experience is different and unique, much like the Oddbods world. So whether you’re an Oddbods super-fan or not, the game offers a host of unique and fun experiences for the entire family.'

With several reward options, Oddbods fans and board game enthusiasts will have the opportunity to bring Oddbods Go-Kards from concept to creation through this crowd-funding platform. Oddbods Go-Kards launches from 12 November on Kickstarter running to 3 December.

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