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Boo the Socky Doll Makes a Guest Appearance in Dunelm #teamsleepsheep TV Advert

Dunelm, the British based home furnishing retailer, have recently been running a set of innovative new TV ads featuring the Dunelm Sleep Sheep.

These talking sheep are on a mission to help the nation sleep better with their range of solutions from black-out blinds to foam pillows.

But there was another little bed-time companion making a guest appearance in the Barney Blackout commercial!

We think the quirky but adorable little soft toy featured alongside Jack in bed might also be contributing to Jack's peaceful night sleep. With his bright green and white stripes and wide smile, his soothing warmth and gentle scent of lavender… it was none-other than Boo the Socky Doll from the Intelex Group collection of Warmies.

Dunelm stock a range of Intelex Warmies® including the fully microwavable Socky Dolls, including Tiger and Boo the little monster along with the Warmies® Hooty owl range, perennial best sellers all year round.

The fully microwavable plush toys are very popular with children (and their parents!) for their dual functionality. Great play toys by day and brilliant bed warming companions by night, Intelex's Warmies make convenient, safe and fun alternatives to traditional hot water bottles.

Many parents have reported, Warmies® products are now firmly part of their children's bedtime routines, helping to create a sense of calm and relaxation at bedtime. After only two minutes gently warmed in the microwave, the child's chosen Warmies toy is ready to snuggle into for a good nights sleep.

Capitalise on the TV exposure by stocking up on Intelex's full range of Warmies online.

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