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Paladone bring BDP to the gift trade

The global gift designer and supplier has announced it will be the first company in the world to bring BDP (naturally decomposing plastic) to the global gift trade by launching a range of giftware using Breakdown Plastic technology

Breakdown Plastic’s organic additive, BDP, is designed to be used in synthetic polymers to enhance the biodegradation of plastics in landfill, allowing microbes to consume the plastics in a matter of a few years instead of centuries or longer. Paladone products using BDP are home compostable, naturally decomposable in landfill and recyclable, making our products truly sustainable. From Summer 2018, Paladone will be introducing a line of its popular themed and licensed egg-cups using this organic additive to address the issues of using synthetic materials which leave harmful imprints on the environment, with more items lined up to use the additive from 2019 onwards.

While the products will look and feel exactly like their non-biodegradable predecessors, should consumers ever need to dispose of the new lines, natural breakdown will occur at an enhanced rate in landfill, in fact, Paladone saw between 13.4% and 16.5% biodegradation in the BDP treated plastic after 30 days compared to just 0.1% biodegradation in the non-treated plastic – that’s a 16,400% increase! The products ONLY breakdown when they are treated at landfill or placed in home composting, meaning the consumer experience, no matter how long the product is kept for, remains unaffected.

‘Our aim is to bring sustainable and naturally decomposable products to the global gift market and by trialling the new Egg Cup range we hope to achieve creativity and affordability with the lowest carbon footprint possible. And since BDP does not affect the recyclability of our products, customers have this option as well, where recycling of these plastics is available,’ said Paladone Marketing Manager, Alex Ryan.

‘We pride ourselves on a strong ethical trading practice and take a planetary approach to the product development process. Eco-design principles have become part of our creative process, and as a company, we constantly review materials used, their construction, and the way in which products are packaged.’

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