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Partner up to get write on

Help persuade more people to send cards by joining with National Stationery Week

Five more partners are needed to get the 2019 promotion for National Stationery Week underway and help celebrate writing by hand – and get people to send more cards and letters.

Organised by Stationery Show London owners Ocean Media, the 7 Days Of Stationery campaign over Monday to Sunday. April 29-May 5, has a partner for each day, using it to promote their own stationery or writing-related messaged, challenge or competition.

Wednesday and Thursday have already been taken, so they are looking for five more partners to boost National Stationery Week and its Writing Matters campaign celebrating writing by hand and getting people all over the world talking about and sharing details of their favourite stationery and stationers.

The 2018 campaign generated nearly 200 pieces of national press coverage, reached 30,000 stationery fans on social media and more than 100 retailers ran their own National Stationery Week promotions.

The campaign's own online stationery addict community of 20,000 twitter and Facebook followers takes the lead on spreading the word and engaging with the brands who support it.

Last year’s themes included#stationerytheworldover, #makeanote, and #penandpencil, but the partners can choose their own – if you have a great idea for one of the themes, can come up with a cracking idea on how to promote it online and tempt new stationery addicts to follow the campaign they want to hear it!

This year marks the eighth time the industry has worked together to promote stationery, in all its forms and uses, and the love of handwriting, to a consumer audience.

To claim one of the 7 Days Of Stationery for your company or brand, and grow your consumer audience and reach through this unique promotional platform, please get in touch with Vanessa Fortnum at

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