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Posh Paws cuddle up with Moshi Twilight

New deal will see products launched globally from July

Posh Paws International is thrilled to be confirmed by Mind Candy as its official global plush partner for the enchanting world of Moshi Twilight. 
Created by Mind Candy in December 2017, the Moshi Twilight app was developed in part-nership with leading wellbeing and mindfulness app Calm. Over three million kids across the globe have listened to the app’s enchanting sleeptime audio stories in the past 12 months, with parents reporting that kids fall asleep approximately 22 minutes faster when listening to the app at bedtime.

The Posh Paws collection will focus on the four ‘Sleepies’ from the world of Moshi Twilight, each of which will be available in two size variations. Plush characters include Yawnsy the Sleepwalking Otter, Nodkins the Bedtime Bunny, Professor Feathersnooze the Owl of Nod and Sleepy Paws the Snoozy Koala.

The range will be designed and produced to be a child’s favourite cuddly toy, perfect to snuggle up to while they drift off listening to their character’s sleepy adventures in the world of Moshi Twilight.

'Hundreds of thousands of children are now falling asleep to Moshi Twilight audio stories every night and what better way to accompany the bedtime routine than with a super soft, high quality plush toy from Posh Paws,' commented Marketing Manager, Laura Bull. 'This is the perfect fit for Posh Paws International and we are looking forward to bringing it to mar-ket.'

Holly Lackey, Head of Licensing at Mind Candy added: 'We recently carried out a poll of Moshi Twilight app users* and a colossal 87% said they would love to add a Moshi Twilight plush to their Moshi Twilight experience. This is just one reason why working with Posh Paws is great move for the brand. Working with the correct partners is incredibly important for the integrity of Moshi Twilight; 97% of parents who use our app would recommend it and we strive to echo this approval rating across all of our licensed product categories.'

The Posh Paws Moshi Twilight collection will be available for pre-order soon and will hit re-tail shelves from July 2019.

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