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Posh Paws sparkles at Top Drawer

Gifts Today caught up with Lauren Shipman, group brand & marketing director at Posh Paws, to learn more about the company’s Chic & Love Swarovski range, launched at the show earlier this week

Lauren. How did the collaboration with Swarovski Chic & Love come about?
As soon as we were presented with the opportunity to work on a Swarovski Chic & Love plush range, we knew it was a chance not to be missed, to develop a brand new range that was not available in the current market. We recognise that Swarovski is a well-respected brand and knew we could come up with a collection that would resonate with their core values.

What does the range comprise of?
We have developed three exclusive Swarovski Crystal plush ranges; the first is our Keepsake Bears, a premium collection of teddy bears adorned with Swarovski crystal jewellery attachments. These high-quality bears offer a unique gift whatever the occasion. The second range is our Crystal Charms collection, a range of on-trend Swarovski Crystal Encrusted Bag Charms - a must have fashion accessory to give a bag that extra little bit of sparkle. And last but not least, we have developed a range of Swarovski embellished Plush Make-up Bags using on trend colours and prints.

Who's the target audience for both the Crystal Charms and the Bear? 
We see there being two distinct markets for each range, however we are aware that Swarovski as a brand have a huge following and therefore it is likely there will be some crossovers. The Keepsake Bear will have a primary audience appeal of females aged 30+. The Crystal Charms and Make-Up Bags will appeal to young females aged 7-22. 

How many more characters are set to be launched over the next year?
In 2020 we will have an additional two releases for both the Crystal Charms Collection and Crystal Plush Make-Up Bags. 

What makes Posh Paws plush so special?
We are known in the industry for delivering the highest quality plush to retail. We continue to deliver premium products for best in class brands including the BBC, Disney, Universal and ITV. You can be sure when purchasing a Posh Paws product that it will be a treasured gift for many years. 
Why did you choose Top Drawer for the launch?
Top Drawer is the perfect gift show to launch our new collections as the show pairs perfectly leading toy and gift ranges, with design and lifestyle-led products. Our product range sits within both premium gift as well as fashion and lifestyle. 

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