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Postal licence launch

The British Postal Museum & Archive opens up the treasures from its collections for licensing.

The British Postal Museum & Archive (BPMA) has announced the appointment of Heritage Licensing as its licensing agency, making many of the treasures from its vast collections available for licensing, some for the first time, as it moves towards opening The Postal Museum and Mail Rail in 2016.

The BPMA collections include a treasure trove of stunning images from the, now iconic, General Post Office (GPO) logo to the revolutionary poster designs of the pioneering GPO public relations department. Some of the 20th Century’s most prominent designers, such as Edward McKnight Kauffer and Abram Games, vied for GPO commissions, resulting in beautiful artwork which can be found in the BPMA’s collections.

The collections also include more than 100,000 striking photographs detailing British life from the 1930s to the present day.

Licenses will be available for purposes such as book illustrations, clothing design, toys and stationery, plus many other applications.
As well as images, the designs for iconic street furniture including red telephone and pillar boxes, which have come to globally symbolise Britain, will also be made available.
Heritage Licensing has 20 years’ experience of archive and brand management, working to license the brands and intellectual property of cultural and heritage organisations across the UK.

BPMA Director Adrian Steel said of the partnership: "It’s exciting to be able to reveal further the remarkable treasures of our collections in this way. They are an important part of social and communications history we will be telling at The Postal Museum & Mail Rail when it opens to the public next year."

Martin Pittaway of Heritage Licensing comments: "I have had the privilege to work with many great archives and brands, however the BPMA has a truly unique offering of stunning posters, prints and photography but also some of the most iconic brands ever created."

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