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Potty about Potter

The contemporary gift company Enesco unveils a new Beatrix Potter collection – its exclusive Peter Rabbit adult accessories range

The range includes:
• Peter Rabbit Purse. An ideal size for holding coins and small change, the fabric purse comes in light blue with a floral background detail, and features many of the much-loved characters from the author’s books, including Peter Rabbit sitting on a bed of pastel pink flowers.
• Peter Rabbit Wash Bag. Featuring the same design elements as the Peter Rabbit Purse. Larger in size, the wash bag and purse feature a wrist strap, making it convenient to carry toiletries and make-up items while on-the-go.
• Peter Rabbit Scarf. It’s the perfect length for throwing around your neck or draping over jackets on a cool evening.
• Peter Rabbit Umbrella. Featuring a colour palette of pale blue with a grey floral over-tone design. The edges of the umbrella once again feature characters from the much-loved books.
• Peter Rabbit Tote Bag. This fabric hold-all is perfect for stowing away in a bigger bag for when more storage is needed, or to be used alone a fashion accessory.

The range debuted at Spring fair this year, gaining massive attention from buyers.
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