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Puckator are on trend

Check out their fabulous ranges in Hall 4, Stand C10-D11

Following the pandemonium of Christmas and New Years festivities, how about some Panda-monium to look forward to? Throughout 2018 there was an influx of Kawaii culture on the high street. Courtesy of the influence from Eastern cultures, particularly South Korea and Japan, this is a trend we won’t be waving goodbye presently. The endearing features of oversized animal heads and exaggerated characteristics have been instrumental in the development of Puckator’s new ‘Pandarama’ collection. The team will be making a big splash with their new range of Pandarific gifts this Spring. With a fantastic new collection centring on these fluffy, humorously lazy bears, Puckator are sure to charm children and adults alike. Top products include a set of bamboo tableware and a reusable bamboo lunchbox. What design could be more appropriate to grace this resilient resource than the bamboo loving panda?

Now we’re going all the way back to the 1990s. It’s 20 years since the boom of the console and the creation of the big name gaming giants we all know and love today. Fashion has come full circle, everything retro is once again popular and relevant; there’s nothing more retro than an old school gaming console. Puckator have infused their current ‘Game Over’ design with trendy badge like pixelated icons. This nostalgic concept has been brought careening into present day thanks to the use of bright colours and ingenious ideas. This range is a treasury of eclectic gifts that will appeal to all, from the adults old enough to remember when graphics really were pixelated blocks, to the kids who are now playing pixelated games because it’s ironic.

If you’re not quite ready to say goodbye to the trends and fads of 2018 don’t worry, not all will be leaving us so soon. Focussing on the key attraction of the Peruvian native animals, Puckator have breathed a fresh lease of life into their existing llama depictions. Filled with shocking pinks and bold blues, riotously clashing together in South American inspired patterns, these new llamas will have you ready for a fiesta.

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