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Puzzling fun from Great Gizmos

Great Gizmos offers a huge variety of games and puzzles for children from its new animal range from the World Wildlife Fund and their eco-friendly wooden range Plan Toys.

Available this autumn from the leaders in conservation is a range of games and puzzles that incorporate both game play with beautiful animal patterns and wildlife photography.

The Miombo Tumble Tower is made from FSC wood from well-managed forests and features patterns from Africa’s Miombo woodlands including a giraffe, zebra and cheetah. The 48 wooden blocks are built into a tower with children taking it in turns to remove a single block whilst aiming to keep the tower’s balance. It is also available with a Tropical theme.

For games to help with memory, the Reptiles Memory Match contains 24 wood tiles that feature images of reptiles from across the globe that must be paired up in order to win. This cool game is also available in Mammals, Birds, Marine and Family themes.

For puzzles to keep you entertained for hours, there is the WWF 1,000 Piece Puzzles available in an amazing eight themes - the iconic Panda, Owls, Marine, Wild Cats, Tigers, Penguins, Birds and Wolves. Each puzzle is made of thick cardboard and features striking and engaging images that kids and adults will love to re-create.

For 2015 Plan Toys introduces the classic game of four-in-a-row in a monkey theme. Monkeys in a Row has children place the correct coloured monkey face in order; this fab new game will help develop children’s strategic and logical thinking whilst also enhancing their social skills.

Children can learn about the weather and appropriate clothing with the Weather Dress-Up Puzzle from Plan Toys. This colourful set is made from separate tiles that fit together to form outfits that should be worn in snowy, sunny, rainy or windy weather. What’s more, kids can flip the tiles upside down and use the stencils underneath for even more fun!

The Animal Puzzle has six different animals including a tiger, elephant and monkey that children must match together using the wooden tray as a guideline. Kids can even mix and match to create their own wacky creatures!

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